Asset Integrity

At Altrad Services, we recognise that asset integrity is a critical issue for many clients.

Our Asset Integrity Management (AIM) services assure the integrity and performance of assets, safeguarding HSE while optimising lifecycle asset performance and ensuring regulatory compliance. Altrad Services provides technical services and expertise focused on the delivery of AIM to clients in the onshore and offshore sectors.

Additionally, our structural remediation services are strongly connected with asset integrity, corrosion management and prolonging asset lifetime.

Altrad Services offers a turnkey solution to any asset integrity campaign through bundling of structural and piping scopes with access, coatings and insulation (Fabric Maintenance). We provide our clients with solutions across the entire project life cycle, from construction through to maintenance and upgrades.

The structural remediation services we deliver are customisable to client demand, always with the highest standards of quality and safety.

Typical Services:
  • Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) prevention and management
  • Thermographic / energy surveys
  • Inspection and access solutions
  • Coatings and insulation assessments and recommendations
  • Composite repairs, including caissons
  • Plant availability and serviceability systems
  • Asset integrity programmes and management
  • Equipment remediation and repairs.
  • Structural fabrication, repair and installation
  • Piping fabrication, repair and installation
  • Bolting and flange management
  • Boilermaking and welding
  • Identify and qualify suitable weld procedures
  • Weld overlays
  • Composite solutions
  • Rigging and lifting expertise
  • Coatings
  • Insulation
  • Technical advice on specifications and design.
Selected Relevant Experience:
  • Alcoa Energy Audit and Insulation Review
  • BP Kwinana CUI
  • Woodside Karratha Gas Plant Life Extension
  • BMA Hay Point Pile Remediation
  • Karara Corrosion Remediation Services