Refractory Services

Asset owners value high performance refractory because of its critical role in the performance of high energy processes and the direct effect their performance has on efficiency and cost.

Efficient and long lasting refractory lining must retain its strength and insulating properties at high temperatures.

Altrad draws on our global technical capability from York Linings, a wholly owned subsidiary operating throughout Europe and the Middle East. From this global expertise and our local capability, Altrad offers a full suite of end to end refractory services.

Refractory Services
  • Refractory design and specification
  • Material supply – all forms of refractory materials
  • Demolition and removal of old refractory
  • Mechanical services for repair and maintenance
  • Installation – bricklaying, gunning, casting, ramming, hand packing, pumping and applying fibrous products in slab, blanket and modular forms
  • Dry out and commissioning
  • Lining development and support
Selected Relevant Experience
  • Western Australian Specialty Alloys, new stress relief furnace
  • MHPS, Eraring Power Station boiler repairs
  • Cockburn Cement Munster kiln refractory replacement
  • Liberty OneSteel, Laverton
  • ExxonMobil Singapore
  • Shell Eastern Petroleum – Pulau Bukom Singapore
  • Shell Chemicals – Jurong Island Singapore