Shell Prelude FLNG Offshore Insulation Services


Technip Oceania Pty Ltd

Contract Period

Dec 2016 - Ongoing


Offshore North West Coast, WA, Australia


Oil & Gas


Prelude is a floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG) facility producing LNG, LPG and condensate, located 155 nautical miles off the North West coast of Australia. The Prelude facility weather vanes 360 degrees around a turret, moored in 248 meters of water.

It is fitted with the necessary equipment for exporting LNG/LPG via side by side mooring and loading arms and Condensate via a tandem mooring and floating hose system. It is moored to the sea bed via 16 anchor piles and chains whilst being directly connected to wells that access the gas reservoir via flexible risers routed through the turret. All reservoir, subsea control, processing, storage and loading is operated and controlled from Prelude.

The Prelude FLNG facility is operated by Shell Australia Pty Ltd.



Altrad Services were contracted by Technip Oceania Pty Ltd (Technip) to provide insulation installation services for the offshore hook-up and commissioning phases of the Prelude FLNG project.

The Provision of Services included:

  • Provision of qualified resources and supervision for both day and night shift insulation installation activities;
  • Review of Technip jobcards for completeness;
  • Preparation of detailed insulation work packs;
  • Supply of all required insulation equipment and tooling.
  • The Base Scope Works included:
  • Thermal insulation;
  • Cryogenic (cold) service insulation;
  • Personnel protection insulation;
  • Acoustic insulation.
  • Additional Works included:
  • Onshore insulation box fabrication performed at Altrad Services Darwin facility;
  • Permanent insulation material supply;
  • Vapour line repair scope;
  • Rope access scope;
  • 300m2 acoustic insulation to machine room.



Key target milestones all completed on time.

Contractor of the Month awarded in February 2018.


  • 1,535 Thermal Flange/Valve boxes fabricated and 1,756 installed
  • 1,048 Cryogenic Flange/Valve boxes fabricated, installed and foam injected.
  • 278,420 Manhours to date (June 19)