Sakhalin Energy

Sakhalin Energy Investment Company Tank T-1601


Sakhalin Energy Investment Company

Contract Period

April - December 2019


Sakhalin Island, Russia




The T-1601 Tank is an Ethane Storage Sphere of 14,600 mm diameter located in the Sakhalin Island, Russia. The tank is part of a LNG operation system owned and operated by Sakhalin Energy Investment Company.
The original insulation system was Polyisocyanurate expanded foam slab, glued and sealed at application, incorporating with a Mylar (triplex) foil vapor barrier, with the top cladding using a UV cured Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP). This insulation system was intended to prevent heat gain, which would result in boil-off of the tank’s ethane inventory being reduced.


Cape Sakhalin, Altrad’s local entity, was contracted by Sakhalin Energy Investment Company to undertake the research on an insulation system upgrade or a total insulation system replacement to the tank T-1601.
The services provided included:

  • Visual Inspection
  • Scaffolding erection and dismantling
  • Painting
  • Insulation removal and installation
  • Cladding removal and installation
  • 6,658 m3 Scaffold Erection and Dismantling
  • 670 m2 GRP Cladding Removal
  • 700m2 PIR Insulation Removal
  • 20m2 Surface Repair and Painting
  • 700m2 Cryogel-Z Insulation Installation
  • 700m2 ULVA Cladding Installation
  • The visual inspection of existing insulation system proved to be failing, with moister and ice found under the insulation. Therefore, the existing insulation system could not be upgraded due to the requirement for the entire insulation to be replaced. Based on the recommendation of our Insulation Engineer, Sakhalin Energy Investment Company decided to use new insulation material, Cryogel Z multi-layer insulation system, manufactured by Aspen Aerogels, and with the top cladding using ULVAShield non-metallic cladding system manufactured by ULVA Insulation Systems Ltd.
  • The project execution started in April with Scaffolding erected and sealed with the shelter all around the T-1601, which was completed in July.
  • Then existing insulation system was removed completely, the surface was examined for corrosion and repaired at spots where it was required. Then a 10-layer Cryogel Z insulation system was applied, completed with ULVAShield non-metallic cladding on the top.
  • The project was completed with the shelter and the scaffolding was taken down.
  • As a result of new insulation system applied, the LNG now doesn’t loose Ethane gas stored in the tank. This benefits Sakhalin Energy Investment Company in the much shorter period required for start-up of LNG production after equipment shutdowns for maintenance, hence saving money.