Shell Houdini – MEG Project

Shell Houdini – MEG Project
  • Client:Shell
  • Location:Shell Petrochemical Complex (Altrad Singapore)
  • Size of contract:£10m
  • Duration:18 Months (Dec 2009)

Shell’s Monoethylene Glycol (MEG) Plant in Singapore Shell’s Petrochemical Complex. With a nameplate capacity of 750,000 tonnes of MEG per annum, it is one of the largest in the world, reinforcing Shell’s ambitions to maintain a leading position in the expanding Asian petrochemicals market.

It will be Shell’s biggest, fully-integrated refinery and petrochemicals hub, from which we will enjoy economic and efficiency benefits in terms of feedstocks, operations and logistics.

Cape was contracted for the supply and application of insulation works that includes material, labour and services necessary for Piping & Equipment’s’ for SEPC-MEG project.

Project was managed and executed safely and efficiently.

50,000 m2

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