Tronox Pigment

Tronox (Cristal) Scaffolding Services


Tronox Pigment Bunbury Limited (previously Cristal Pigment Australia Ltd)

Contract Period

Dec 2013 - Ongoing


South West Region, WA, Australia


Mining & Resources


On 10 April 2019 Tronox Limited completed its acquisition of the titanium dioxide business of The National Titanium Dioxide Company Limited (Cristal), positioning Tronox as the preeminent titanium dioxide producer in the world. As a result of the acquisition, Cristal Pigment Australia Limited became a part of the Tronox group of companies.

The acquired mining operations are based in the south-west of Western Australia and the following operational sites are involved in the process:

  • Kemerton Plant; occupies a 55-hectare site that it shares with satellite plants supplying raw materials such as chlorine, caustic soda, gaseous oxygen and nitrogen. The plant produces TiO2 through the chloride process, which uses chlorine to react with titanium-bearing ores;
  • Australind Finishing Plant; the TiO2 is surface treated, dried and milled to a uniform fine white powder. The finished product is then packaged in 25 kg, 500 kg and 1000 kg packs and distributed to Tronox customers.



Altrad Services are now contracted by Tronox (originally contracted by Cristal), to provide scaffolding services on a call-off basis.

The provision of services includes:

  • Scaffolding personnel;
  • Scaffolding equipment – determination with Tronox (Cristal) on which scaffolding system is to be used for each work package.;
  • Shutdown services; additional personnel and equipment to support Tronox (Cristal) on major plant shutdowns.


  • May 2018 – Certificate of safety recognition at Kemerton site for displaying safe behaviours in line with Tronox (Cristal) safety culture during the major shutdown.
  • “Your staff worked diligently pre-shut and during shutdown to ensure all work was completed on time and to a very high standard whilst keeping safety at the forefront” John Dallywater, General Manager- Bunbury Operations – Tronox (Cristal).


  • 23,532 Manhours to date (June 19)
  • LTI Free